ūüĆą Healthy Summer ‚ú®SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE‚ú®

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ūüĆą Healthy Summer  ‚ú®SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE‚ú®


It's Smoothie Season! Do you have a favorite recipe to share with us? 

Everybody gets a $15 gift voucher ‚ú® and your recipe can be selected for our new ebook!
Adding VITAL MEAL to your smoothy is a healthy option to save time! Vital meal provides the highest quality of plant-based protein. Add fresh fruits and greens to it for a convenient and tasty way to DRINK YOUR VEGGIES AND FRUITS to boost your nutrition and energy. 



STEP 1¬†¬†ūüíö
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STEP 2¬†ūüėć
Post your favorite SMOOTHIE Recipe with Vital Meal on your instagram feed  and tag us @akashanaturals

STEP 3¬†ūüíį
Win a $15 Gift Voucher and get ready for a Healthy Summer with Vital Meal!


ūü§∑¬†Oh no! You don't have Vital Meal?

SAVE 15% to get your Protein Powder and participate! 

use code: healthysummer


ūüĎČDon't forget to tag us! The Challenge is valid until the end of July.






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