January Nutrient of The Month: New Decade, Stacked Immune System with L-Lysine

Posted on by Akasha Naturals

By: Amanda Miller MS, RN Clinical Integrative Nutrition Nurse Consultant Want to know the nutrient that can help you fight cancer AND banish cold sores? I bet you didn’t think there was such a nutrient. Think again! It’s L-lysine, an immune system powerhouse, your necessity for ringing in the new decade. L-lysine is an essential amino acid, a protein building block that must be consumed for protein growth and creation in the body, making it a necessity for multiple cellular processes in the body.  As with most nutrients, it is best absorbed when consumed with food. However, deficiency can be...

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Using Facebook to Improve Your Mood and Decrease Anxiety

Posted on by keith miller

Is it possible you read that title thinking it must be miswritten? Facebook seems to do the opposite for a lot of people. With over a billion accounts, Facebook seems to be a part of most everyone’s lives these days. Unfortunately, many find themselves feeling depressed or anxious about how others’ lives look better and they are missing out. Or, there is so much that is negative in the world. Or, one ends up arguing in their heads wondering how someone could feel what has been expressed.

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