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Stress Less - 60 Capsules
Properties: The adaptogenic herbs found in StressLess (such as Magnolia Bark, Berberine, and L-Theanine) improve the body’s ability to adapt to various stressful environmental and physical challenges and increase stamina throughout the day. This comprehensive formula helps to reduces irritability,...
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Throat Formula Immunity Support & Relief - 4 oz
A blend of tonifying and demulcent herbs used for throat support. All herbs used are organically grown or ethically wildcrafted and extracted in distilled water, organic cane alcohol and pure vegetable glycerin. Designed to reduce and soothe symptoms of cold...
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ThyroComplex - Thyroid Support - 90 Tablets
ThyroComplex is an exciting multi-faceted formula featuring targeted nutrients that promote healthy thyroid function. Many aspects of health, including body composition, energy level, and cognitive function are impacted by thyroid hormone activity.* Contents: 90 Tablets Serving Size: 1 TabletServings per...
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Ultracleanse Plus - Detox Shake - 33 oz
UltraCleanse Plus is a medical food designed for individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome who may benefit from nutritional support for altered energetic and liver detoxification function. Altered detoxification function may be due to genetic predisposition, a history of chronic nutrient...
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VITAL C 1,000 - 90 tabs (Vitamin C)
Ultra Potent-C® 1000 is a proprietary, patented vitamin C formula that features a buffered delivery system designed to help prevent the potential stomach upset sometimes associated with high vitamin C intake. Ultra Potent-C 1000 may help support healthy immune function...
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Vital Fuel - Workout Recovery - 10.58 oz
Reduces Fatigue, Improves Cellular Function and Aides Muscle Strength Recovery. Our powerful Vital Fuel is perfect for your workout! A powerful, 5,000 mg D-Ribose based, vegetarian, gluten free, energy producing formula that supports mitochondrial (energy center) function to help manage fatigue...
$ 83.75
Vital Meal - Plant Based Protein Powder With Probiotic & Omega-3s - 22.7 oz
Vital Meal by Akasha Naturals™ is a light tasting gluten-free blend that can easily be added to your favorite smoothie or shake as a healthy meal replacement. This simple unsweetened protein powder is 100% vegan and has been specifically formulated...
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Vital Multi Vitamin & Minerals - 60 Tablets
Vital Multi is Akasha Naturals multi vitamin. From brain health to bone health, eye health to heart health Akasha Naturals' Vital Multi is designed to ensure that you are receiving comprehensive nutritional supplementation for what you may be missing from your...
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Vitamin D 5000 IU - 120 Softgels
Akasha Naturals Vitamin D features 5000 IU of vitamin D3 – the most bioavailable form of vitamin D.  Vitamin D3 is essential for the efficient absorption, utilization and excretion of calcium and phosphorus within the body. It promotes bone mineralization,...
$ 33.25
Vitamin D3 5000 IU Liquid - 1 oz
Vitamin D promotes bone mineralization, strengthens the immune system, and help defend against cancer.  Vitamin D3  is essential for the efficient absorption, utilization and excretion of calcium and phosphorus within the body. Properties: Akasha Naturals Vitamin D liquid drops features...
$ 17.50
Vitamin D5000 Plus K1 & K2 - 60 Softgels
The Perfect Combo : Vit D plus K1 & K2: Vitamin K is used to enhance the metabolism of Vitamin D and helps protect against COVID-19!  Essential for the strengthening of the immune system, and for the efficient absorption, utilization,...
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