CoQ10 - 60 Veggie Softgels

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Coenzyme Q10 (aka CoQ10) - An antioxidant naturally produced by the body for cell growth and maintenance. Its levels significantly decrease with age. Lower levels are found in people with a variety of medical conditions, including heart disease. Although it is found in meat, fish and whole grains, the amount found is not enough to significantly increase the CoQ10 levels needed to avert disease.

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Benefits Include:

  • Improved Physical Performance. Because CoQ10 is involved in energy production, it improves physical performance.

  • Improved Heart Function. Shown to improve symptoms of congestive heart failure and reduce high blood pressure. When combined with other nutrients, CoQ10 might also aid recovery in patients with bypass and heart valve surgeries.

  • Reduces Parkinson's Disease Symptoms.  High doses can be beneficial for people in the early stages of this progressive nervous system disorder.

  • Reduces Statin-induced Muscle Pain. CoQ10 helps ease muscle weakness associated with statins. (cholesterol meds)

  • Reduces the Occurrence of Migraines.  Studies show that CoQ10 decreases the frequency of these headaches.