The Akasha Way

Ours is the first dietary supplement line to be developed by an interdisciplinary team of board-certified medical doctors and licensed, recognized practitioners in alternative modalities such as Chinese medicine, naturopathy, anthroposophic medicine, nutritional therapy, and more.

A few of our guiding principles:

  • A multidisciplinary approach to healing and wellness, based on scientific evidence

  • Addressing the whole person: a balance of mind, body, spirit and advanced medicine

  • Empowerment of the patient through education and collaboration

  • Sustainability for our planet and all its inhabitants

Akasha Naturals products

The Akasha Center philosophy, from our evidence-based discipline to our Integrative Approach to wellness, is sealed into every Akasha Naturals product.

The Akasha Center

The Akasha Center in Santa Monica, California

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Edison de Mello, The Akasha Center and Akasha Naturals have been providing state-of-the-art, science-based Integrative Medicine care for almost 2 decades.

Described by one of our patients as... “an oasis of compassion, insight, calm, and tailor-made healing where you feel better just walking in the door and even better on the way out”, the Akasha Center has helped thousands of patients get their lives back after having had it stolen by both acute or chronic diseases. Akasha Naturals has been a major component of our success in successfully treating patients. While one of our patients describes it as her go-to supplement line, another one also captured the essence of our products and mission by stating... “With both the Akasha Center and Akasha Naturals, I’m happy I will never have to experience anything but strong and unwavering dedication to my care.”

From Our Akasha Naturals Home directly to Yours. Buy online and get Akasha Naturals supplements with all its well-found benefits delivered right to your front door. Or stop by if you're in town to experience our healing Sanctuary. We would love to meet you!

Supplements with green leaves

Akasha Mission Statement

  • The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine is a sanctuary for health, wellness and healing.
  • We embrace and honor the profound power of our patients’ mind, body, community and spirit.
  • We recognize each person as already whole and complete, in their path of health, spiritual and financial well-being.
  • Our approach to evidenced-based integrative medicine is guided by both the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine and the ever growing technological advances of Western Medicine.
  • As facilitators of health and healing, we embody a new model of health care providing a whole-person approach to comprehensive health care.
  • We bring support for each member of the Akasha community in their own path toward optimal well-being.
  • We affirm our patient’s birth right to live lives of tenable happiness and fulfillment as we show deep appreciation and respect for the planet.

Akasha Team

Edison de Mello,

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. de Mello's goal is to help every patient get the best out of the integration of science-proven approaches to medicine, drawing from both technological advances and ancient wisdom...Learn More

Maggie Ney,

Director of the Women’s Clinic

Dr. Maggie Ney specializes in women’s health, specifically how the interaction of diet, lifestyle, mindset and environment affect a women’s hormones and the aging process...Learn More

Yi Qiao, LAc,

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Dr. Qiao completed six years of training and received her medical degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most prestigious TCM schools in the world...Learn More

Bren Boston,

Integrative Pain Management and Women's Care

Dr. Boston is interested in preventive medicine and healthy aging to help patients espouse a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, hydration, exercise, and proper sleep habits...Learn More

Kevin Kunkel,MA,

Integrative Somatic and Massage Therapist

Kevin’s precise knowledge of anatomy, combined with his mindful and sensitive presence, supports his keen ability to sense what the nervous system needs to rejuvenate...Learn More

Gina Galvez,

Integrative Physician’s Assistant & Certified Health Coach

Gina Galvez, MS, PA-C is a Physician Assistant Lifestyle coach specializing in integrative and functional medicine. She has a master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies..Learn More

Danél Lombard,

Integrative Physical Therapist

Danél’s physical therapy experience ranges from acute care settings – such as acute rehabilitation – to the strength of their musculoskeletal system to combat pain.Learn More