Akasha Reset- Advanced Cleanse

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 The Akasha 21-Day Reset Program is designed to address the root cause of your unpleasant symptoms and chronic inflammation -- a gut microbiome that is out of balance. The human gut microbiome contains about 1,000 different kinds of bacteria, each of which plays a specialized role. Some species contribute to our health; others can cause disease.

In fact, without your gut microbiome, it would be hard to survive. Research has found that greater bacterial diversity in the gut microbiome translates into better health.

Your gut microbiome affects your: Immune system Brain health Weight Heart health Blood sugar Intestinal diseases Bloating and gas.

The Akasha 21-Day Reset Program works by detoxing your gut microbiome and then jumpstarting the rebalancing and repair of this foundational component of human health.

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 Program Components:

Ultra Cleanse
Liver Detox
Flora Plus (Probiotics)
Digestazyme (Digestive enzymes)
AdvaCleanse (cleanse in capsule)
Candi-free (anti-microbial)
Greens Complete
Chia Seeds

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