Healthy Aging and Memory

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An impressive body of research has shown us that exercise and diet are vital to aging well; and along with a positive attitude and supportive community, the nutrients you put into your body are as crucial in making your “golden years” your best years.

Although we agree that age is just a number, aging gracefully while also fending off disease is what most people want when they reach their golden years. Vitality, better memory and cognition, a healthy libido along with optimized sleep and, of course, happiness make the list of most people's wants as they age. That's where Akasha Naturals Healthy Aging and Memory Supplement Package comes in. Designed to optimize your immune system while giving you a boost of energy and cognition, our program delivers the best that Integrative Medicine, combined with the technological advances of Western Medicine can offer. Give us a try and experience the healthy aging that you have always dreamed of.

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This Program includes the following supplements:
EPA-DHA x 1 Infla-Regulator x 1 Antiox Restore x 1 CoQ10 x 1 Cereguard x 1