Antiox-Restore Anti-Oxidation - 60 Capsules
Why Antiox-Restore? The importance of adequate antioxidant protection in the body should not be underestimated. Overexposure to oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which is the catalyst for many degenerative diseases. Free radicals are in great abundance in our environment...
$ 67.25
CoQ10 - 60 Veggie Caps
Coenzyme Q10 (aka CoQ10) - An antioxidant naturally produced by the body for cell growth and maintenance. Its levels significantly decrease with age. Lower levels are found in people with a variety of medical conditions, including heart disease. Although it...
$ 36.25
DHEA Micronized - 90 Capsules
DHEA is an important adrenal hormone that supports healthy aging and is a precursor to many steroid hormones in the body. Akasha Naturals Micronized DHEA is 3-4 times better absorbed than standard DHEA supplements. Micronized DHEA are extremely small particles...
$ 14.75
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Energy Bundle - Vital Fuel + Greens Complete
Feeling tired all the time? It's time to take charge of your health and elevate your game to new heights. Whether you're looking to boost energy levels, enhance vitality, or improve overall health, we've got you covered. Our Energy Bundle will give...
$ 172.75 $ 83.75
EPA/DHA 720 - 60 Softgels
Our EPA/DHA 720 formula is derived from cold water fish and contains a high potency, purified omega 3 that supports the cardiovascular, immune, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems. EPA and DHA are the forms of omega-3-fatty acids (fish oils) that have...
$ 33.75
Flora Plus Probiotics - 60 Capsules
Our digestive system is made up of millions of bacteria that together have a profound effect on our everyday life. Including digestion, elimination, immunity, hormonal balance and also our mental and physical well being. Akasha Naturals’ vegetarian/non-dairy probiotic formula balances...
$ 46.75
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Greens Complete (Superfood Greens Powder) - 10 oz
Fuel Your Morning!  Greens Complete is a synergistic blend of bioavailable super-foods, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that provide the missing balance of essential ingredients plaguing the modern-day diet.  This apple-cinnamon flavored formula also contains a powerful probiotic blend...
$ 89.00
Infla Regulator Anti-inflammatory - 60 Veggie Capsules
This synergist blend of herbal extracts provides potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities that help reduce the inflammatory response in the body and prevent cellular damage from inflammation.  This powerhouse supplement is your ally in the fight against the aging process...
$ 29.75
Maca Extract - 1 oz
A Peruvian plant scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii and cultivated for medical purposes for over 2000 years, MACA is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng. It's root has traditionally been used to enhance fertility, sex drive, energy and stamina. Benefits Include: Energy production...
$ 14.75
ThyroComplex - Thyroid Support - 90 Tablets
ThyroComplex is an exciting multi-faceted formula featuring targeted nutrients that promote healthy thyroid function. Many aspects of health, including body composition, energy level, and cognitive function are impacted by thyroid hormone activity.* Contents: 90 Tablets Serving Size: 1 TabletServings per...
$ 44.25
Vitamin D 5000 IU - 120 Softgels
Akasha Naturals Vitamin D features 5000 IU of vitamin D3 – the most bioavailable form of vitamin D.  Vitamin D3 is essential for the efficient absorption, utilization and excretion of calcium and phosphorus within the body. It promotes bone mineralization,...
$ 33.25
Vitamin D3 5000 IU Liquid - 1 oz
Vitamin D promotes bone mineralization, strengthens the immune system, and help defend against cancer.  Vitamin D3  is essential for the efficient absorption, utilization and excretion of calcium and phosphorus within the body. Properties: Akasha Naturals Vitamin D liquid drops features...
$ 17.50
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