• The gut microbiome as a contributor to the pandemic

    The gut microbiome as a contributor to the pandemic

      Those of us at the forefront of the fight against COVID -19 have suspected since the beginning of the pandemic that "Long COVID" appeared to be linked to Imbalances of Gut bacteria. An impressive array of studies has now proven that the microbiome, which reflects the variety and volume of bacteria in the gut, is indeed implicated in the severity of COVID and immune...
  • The Omicron BA.2

    The Omicron BA.2

    A  sign of Relief: The vaccines still protect against a spinoff of the Omicron variant BA.2   Since Omicron was first detected in November of 2021, there has been significant concern whether the available vaccines would protect us against it. Well, so far, it has!. And research has consistently shown that it has kept severe disease in the vaccinated at bay.  Research has shown...
  • Omicron Latest

    Omicron Latest

    Highly contagious The news over the past weeks has added to the evidence that Omicron is more contagious than any previous version of the Covid-19 virus.    According to the CDC, Omicron already accounts for about 75 percent of new cases in the US. Experts expect cases to continue to soar over the next month. The majority will be mild because many of us now have...
  • Back-to-School Immune Support

    Back-to-School Immune Support

     Back-to-School Immune Support We have been talking so much about vaccinations, masks, and social distancing - all very essential – but let’s not forget the simple steps we can also do to support our immune system. Back to school presents itself with Delta, in addition to all the “normal” bugs that float around and make their way into our home. Here are some key...
  • Sugar Baby – My Journey with Gestational Diabetes

    Sugar Baby – My Journey with Gestational Diabetes

    By Bren Boston, MD I was 32 years old and in my first job after my Pain Fellowship.   I was pregnant for the first time and didn’t have any pregnant friends to learn the ropes from – so it was all learning from books for me.  I remembered that some people develop a type of high blood sugar during their pregnancy called Gestational...
  • COVID-19: Can Asymptomatic Carriers Spread the Virus? What's the Truth?

    COVID-19: Can Asymptomatic Carriers Spread the Virus? What's the Truth?

    Plus The World Health Organization warns about INFODEMIC (misinformation)  Edison de Mello,MD, PhD   FACT: When the first few cases of the coronavirus hit the U.S, many thought that our country would be able to contain it with simple preventative measures such as washing our hands and staying indoors. What we didn't know back then, but discovered just last week, is that the virus can...
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