• Stop Middle Age Weight Gain

    Stop Middle Age Weight Gain

    These are my 8 Tips to help you stop menopause weight gain. Estrogen deficiency, the state we find ourselves in once we are in menopause, is associated with insulin resistance and mid center weight gain. Even without changing our exercise routine or diet, women face an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease, just by going through the normal stages of aging. ...
  • Are Lesbians at higher risk of developing breast cancer?

    Are Lesbians at higher risk of developing breast cancer?

    LGBTQ-specific teachings are very limited in medical schools. This means any additional training is on the onus of the practitioner. One statistic that is often quoted, but not discussed in detail, is that Lesbian women have a higher chance of developing breast cancer. But why?  At this point in the research, the consensus suggests several environmental factors, often coined “cluster of risk factors”, as...
  • Self-care: from one mother to another

    Self-care: from one mother to another

    Increasingly, women in families are asked to wear many hats in addition to being a mother: primary caregiver, cook, housekeeper, breadwinner, nurse, and more. It is essential for anyone in a caregiver role to practice “self-care.” With the busyness of your every day in mind, we want to remind you of something very important: Don’t forget about yourself. Most everyone agrees that a happy mom makes a happy...
  • Foods & Supplements for Estrogen Detoxification

    Foods & Supplements for Estrogen Detoxification

    Epigenetics and Estrogen – How our Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Our Hormones   Our lifestyle choices can influence how we experience our superpower hormone, estrogen. For us to be and feel hormonally balanced, estrogen cannot be too high or too low.    "Estrogen should be produced and then processed and cleared efficiently from our bodies."     Detoxification, the process of transforming estrogen into metabolites...
  • Women's Health Supplements

    Women's Health Supplements

    By Bren Boston MD I would like to impart some tips on how women can support their health.  Women often wear many hats including taking care of the health of everyone who lives under their roof.  In this feat of daily multitasking, sometimes women prioritize their loved ones’ health over their own. Let us remind ourselves that we deserve to dedicate time and effort to our own...
  • Yep, it’s Perimenopause

    Yep, it’s Perimenopause

    Every woman is pretty familiar with the signs of menopause—unbearable hot flashes, thickening waists, moods that fluctuate wildly—but what about all those other signs of “aging," like thinning hair, flighty cycles, brittle nails, and weird sleep disturbances? We’ve learned it’s likely perimenopause, a drawn-out period of time when your body’s reproductive system slows down until you hit menopause, which is actually the technical term...
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