• The 3 Amigos: The Gut Brain Connection

    The 3 Amigos: The Gut Brain Connection

    By Edison de Mello, MD, PhD Yes, we have 3 Brains! The first one is the HEAD, then the HEART, followed by the GUT brain. These 3 brains are interconnected through an extensive network of neurons, each with particular roles. Resembling a highway of information, these brains, when balanced, provide stability, grounding and the intuition (gut feelings) necessary for ultimate health.  Containing about 100 million neurons, the...
  • The gut microbiome as a contributor to the pandemic

    The gut microbiome as a contributor to the pandemic

      Those of us at the forefront of the fight against COVID -19 have suspected since the beginning of the pandemic that "Long COVID" appeared to be linked to Imbalances of Gut bacteria. An impressive array of studies has now proven that the microbiome, which reflects the variety and volume of bacteria in the gut, is indeed implicated in the severity of COVID and immune...
  • Green Powders: Why use them?

    Green Powders: Why use them?

    by Dr. Edison de Mello We all know that that the more greens we eat, the less likely we are to develop chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. However, sadly most Americans do not eat nearly enough nutrient-packed dark-green vegetables – and thus cannot take advantage of their rich health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation, enhancing detoxification, and maintaining an optimal acid-base...
  • Reduce Bloating & Gas

    Reduce Bloating & Gas

    If you are having bloating & gas, you are not alone One of my most significant and rewarding accomplishments as a physician has been to help patients who suffer from bloating to get their lives back, by helping them feel healthy, vital, and sexy again.
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