Reduce Bloating & Gas

I have witnessed a staggering number of people suffering from bloating. Look around . . . “bloating” is everywhere. I have seen thousands of patients whose debilitating symptoms have stolen not only their good health, but also their joy of eating, playing, living, and even making love. They represent more than fifty percent of my practice. 

 Bloating has reached epidemic levels

These patients present with a common denominator: they feel uncomfortable, disgusting, and embarrassed. They are suffering from a common ailment. Everywhere you look, you see people with their gut protruding.Some of my patients report being too embarrassed to date because of the amount of gas that they pass every day! 

I’ve also had patients, more specifically women, who felt depressed, sick, and lost because their previous doctor told them, “There is nothing wrong with you. The labs are normal. Maybe your bloating is emotional?” In other words, their doctors were implying, “It’s all in your head!”

 If you are having bloating & gas, you are not alone

Bloating is an equal-opportunity drag. It can affect anyone and everyone, regardless of race, social or economic background, or status. One of my most significant and rewarding accomplishments as a physician has been to help patients who suffer from bloating to get their lives back, by helping them feel healthy, vital, and sexy again.

Learn to stop bloating

I am honored to have people from all over the world and from all walks of life come to work with me. I see everyone from celebrities, whose personal appearance and robust health are a mandate, to professionals, to stay-at-home parents, and I am able to show them that there is a better way to feel better.

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