Top 5 Summer Supplements

Posted on by Luana Viana

We've selected 5 must have summer vitamins and supplements to help you stay healthy while keeping your hair, skin and your gut in tip-top condition.   1- ZINC Zinc helps keep your immune system strong and plays many roles in our bodies. Vital for proper healing process and collagen synthesis, the anti-inflammatory properties are useful against skin irritations. During the summer your skin suffers much more from the effects of sun exposure and your hair can dehydrate and break more easily than usual. POWER ZINC can reduce oxidative stress, helping eliminate some harmful effects of the sun on your body, while keeping...

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COVID-19: Can Asymptomatic Carriers Spread the Virus? What's the Truth?

Posted on by Akasha Naturals

Plus The World Health Organization warns about INFODEMIC (misinformation)  Edison de Mello,MD, PhD   FACT: When the first few cases of the coronavirus hit the U.S, many thought that our country would be able to contain it with simple preventative measures such as washing our hands and staying indoors. What we didn't know back then, but discovered just last week, is that the virus can spread through asymptomatic carriers. Why the rapid spread to all 50 states and territories? Because of the interactions with asymptomatic carriers. For example, as recently reported, about half of NBA players and staff who tested positive...

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