Do you experience fatigue and digestive problems?

The Connection Between Gut Health and Energy Levels

Your gut health influences much more in your life than just your digestion. It’s connected to your immune system, metabolic function, and mental health.


Get ready to discover the secrets to increasing and sustaining your energy levels NATURALLY.


Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, busy professional or a parent on the go, knowing you have the physical energy and mental clarity to do it all will help you live your best life.

Understanding how to increase and sustain your energy levels throughout the day will help you achieve peak performance, both professionally and personally.

In today’s crazy, fast-paced, unpredictable world, it seems like we get drained of our energy faster and faster, relying on things like coffee, energy shots to get us through the day. But that just makes things worse.

A decrease in energy is often accompanied by other problems like bloating, inflammation, and GI issues. It’s your body’s way of telling you that something is not right in your gut microbiome.


How gut health affects energy? Research indicates that an unhealthy gut can cause insomnia, fragmented sleep and short sleep duration, which can lead to chronic fatigue. 


How poor gut health can cause fatigue? The majority of your body's serotonin, which affects mood and sleep, is produced in the gut. So, when there's bacteria or inflammation in the gut, your energy will be affected as well.


How can I improve my gut health and energy? You can reset your gut microbiome naturally through dietary changes and supplements to support your body’s abilities to heal itself.


Dr. Edison de Mello and his highly trained multidisciplinary team at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine developed a powerful anti-inflammatory detox program.


After decades prescribing this protocol to their celebrity clients and private patients, to help them address energy and gut health issues, the Reset Program is now available online and is guided by the Akasha doctors.


Take the first step on the journey to better, more vibrant health.

We will share with you the same information that has helped hundreds of people around the globe. With this knowledge you can change your health and the health of your loved ones for life.


"I started “listening” to my body..."

"My journey with Dr. de Mello has been like no other. By following his Gut heath and the RESET Program protocols, I’ve lost 50 pounds and counting, and committed to my sobriety like never before. I am more interested in my health, in what I eat, and how I care for my body in a way that I have never been before." 

 Lee Daniels / Writer, Producer and Director

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