Bringing light to LGBTQ health

Importance of practitioner-patient understanding and communication in LGBTQ health care


In celebration of LGBTQ pride awareness month of June this year, I would like to discuss the importance of LGBTQ health and how it can save lives!  According to health line, the LGBTQ community face discrimination, at home, at work and even by healthcare providers which has been linked to an increase in stress, anxiety and depression. 

Let’s take a closer look at lesbian and bisexual women issues with health care. A study has illustrated that lesbian gay and bisexual adults drank and smoked more heavily than heterosexual adults, which could be a coping mechanism for dealing with discrimination.  Sequela of this such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity to name a few are increased incidence as a result, especially for lesbian and bisexual women. 

As we are all aware, obesity is a big risk factor for chronic diseases. Other consequences of this discrimination from the psychosocial aspect can lead to substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia.  In addition, lesbian and bisexual women are less likely to obtain regular cancer screenings, like mammograms and pap smears. 

There is a false idea that same-sex female relationships cannot spread STIs, when assumptions are made that a woman in in a current same-sex relationship has never or will never have sex with a man. Therefore, there has been an increased number of breast and cervical cancers.  

Moving forward, it is important for lesbian and bisexual women to obtain preventative exams and procedures on a regular basis because they are used to diagnose cancer and conditions early and prevent remission. 

Furthermore, carefully choosing a medical provider that makes them feel comfortable, and does not use stereotypes about their patients’ behaviors is an essential part of LGBTQ health so that they can receive adequate and comprehensive care. 


Hi, my name is Gina Galvez, PA-C.  I am Akasha’s Integrative Physician Assistant. I specialize in sports medicine and pain management using PRP, I.V. Vitamin drips and aesthetics. It is my endeavor to help people heal from the inside out.  Please reach out to our team to schedule a consultation with me. 

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