Causes of Abdominal Bloating

“The microbiome (bacteria balance) is to good health what a healthy beehive is to good honey.” —E. de Mello, MD, PhD

Fasten your seat belts because you are about to learn more about abdominal bloating, pooping, and farting than you ever would have imagined. Maybe more than you thought you wanted to know. Why you are bloated, gassy, fatigued, moody, feeling un- sexy, or, worst-case scenario, feeling that your life is spinning out of control! 

Bloating is so common these days

You hear friends and family com- plaining that they feel awful. They are upset that their symptoms have taken over their lives. We all poop, fart (“pass wind,” if you are the Queen of England), and belch. Research shows that humans fart 14 times a day, on average. This does for the human body what an exhaust pipe does for a car. 

Not being embarrassed to talk about our own bloated bellies, passing gas, and irregular poop habits

I want to challenge the myth that talking about bloating and passing gas is “too embarrassing,” or “too personal,” or “not cool.” Isn’t it interesting that some of us have no qualms about cleaning our cat’s litter box or picking up after our dog’s busi- ness? And what about changing our baby’s diapers, wiping the mess off their bottoms? But when it comes to talking about our own bloated bellies, passing gas, and irregular poop habits, it’s taboo. This does not have to be! The more comfortable you become talking about these uncomfortable issues, the easier it is to overcome them. 

The Causes of Abdominal Bloating

Waste must be eliminated in order for the stomach to work properly. 

  • Poor diets 
  • Our “eat-on-the-go” culture 
  • High levels of stress 
  • Overuse of antibiotics 
  • Mass production of food 
  • Exposure to various pollutants in the air, food, and water 
  • Our unhealthy relationship with food Each of these factors contribute to our current culture of gut DIS-ease.

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