“Thinking in Abundance” – Woo Woo or Truth?

If you have dabbled at all in self-help or new age literature, you have likely come across the idea of an “abundant mindset”.  If you are quick to toss self-help and new age concepts into the woo-woo trash, let me ask you to pause and take a closer look at the wisdom embedded within the abundant mindset. 

An Internal Battle Between Abundance (Hope) and Lack (Fear).

At the core of Abundance thinking is the belief that there is enough out there for everyone. This mindset builds confidence, hope, and acceptance and helps us stay resilient during challenging times.  It naturally helps you keep a positive outlook and attracts other like-minded friends and partners into your life.  At its core, anything is possible and there is enough love, money, and success for each of us. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum is a lack mindset which is rooted in fear. In this situation, we are very aware of what we do not have. We tend to avoid challenges, stay within our comfort zone, and can often feel stuck in life. This may show up as staying in a relationship that is not going anywhere, keeping friendships that are dysfunctional, or staying in a job that you hate. Of course, each situation keeping you where you are at is uniquely complicated and does not appear so black and white, but, at its core, it is fear that is keeping us stuck.  

How to Embrace an Abundance Mindset

It is human nature to feel fear but if you become aware that it can pull you into a lack mindset you can catch it and swift your perspective. You may find that you have a lack of mindset in just a single area of your life, like relationships or work.  Someone once asked me if I ever thought of writing a book, my response, “anything I would write about has already been written”.  That was my default response and belief!  I was stuck in this mindset. What if every writer and business owner shared this belief, nothing innovative would happen. And while I have not written a book (yet), I know that no one can write a book with my perspective. There is enough space and room for all of us to get after our dreams and be surrounded by people that build us up and support us.  

Think about how your mindset may be affecting your life now and your future dreams. Shifting perspectives and adopting an abundant mindset can feel awkward at first and take some work. But, like most things with practice, it becomes automatic and will become your default perspective. What you feel is possible elevates. You will find more people entering your life with a similar mindset and will feel more energized and hopeful in your thoughts and day-to-day interactions.

Dr. Maggie Ney is director of the women’s clinic at Akasha and specializes in female hormones and health aging. 

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