How to Increase Mental Clarity and Cognition

by Gina Galvez

We’re all looking to improve mental clarity. It is an important aspect of living a successful and happy life as it helps us to solve problems better and reduce confusion. I will share with you small, sustainable lifestyle changes (that I recommend to my patients), for increasing mental clarity and improving overall cognitive function.

Whether you're a student, want to become more productive at work, or just want to feel more clear headed at home, you can achieve a state when your mind is sharp, focused, and able to process information easily. 



AVOID: sugar, gluten and processed foods.

Healthy fat is your brain’s #1 source of food:

  • extra virgin olive oil and MCT oil on food/drinks. 
  • Walnuts
  • Coconut cream
  • Avocado
  • Omega 3 fatty acids:  Fish or cod liver oil (Barlean's flavored is great for kids) 
  • Chocolate 80-100% without added sugars.
  • Olives 
    Brain food:
    • Antioxidants:  Blueberries - Excellent antioxidant that has been shown by many studies to reduce risk of alzheimers and heart disease.
    • Go green!- spinach, kale, broccoli, chlorella.
    • caffeine- organic, nonGMO coffee or green tea is excellent for improving brain function.


      • drink lots of water that is free of fluoride, chloride and has lots of electrolytes and natural minerals.
      • benefits:  flush your body of toxins, energizes your brain and improves conduction of energy.



      Research shows that many mental health challenges are related to nutrient deficiencies. Supplements can help deliver specific vitamins and minerals to support brain health. Omega 3 fatty acids- fish oil, Vitamin D, Methylated B vitamins, SamE, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, and L-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine. 


      The Akasha Naturals Brain Collection components work synergistically complementing each other to provide your brain and heart with what it needs to stay vital. 
    • Cereguard: Contains vital energy-producing amino acids for the brain. 
    • Antiox Restorestrengthens the immune response to stress, viral and bacterial, and environmental pollutants.
    • EPA/DHAHelps decrease inflammation, LDL cholesterol, depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms.
    • Coq10: Brain and heart rescuer. It prevents the generation of free radicals that damages healthy cells and DNA.
    • Flora Plus: Provides the “good bacteria” to minimize the effects of environmental toxicity.

      It helps you cope better under pressure, increase clarity, focus, and increases a sense of calm.


      Reduce Stress

      Clean air! Go outside and take deep, slow breaths…  Ahhh so refreshing.

      Emotional Support - Having support is essential, whether that be from your loved ones or from a therapist that you can trust to get things off your chest.

      Meditation - Even just shutting your eyes and breathing deeply for 5 minutes a day can help open up your mind. You'll notice your ability to be relaxed will improve, as well as an overall improvement in your memory.

      Essential oils - Sprayer, diffuser, use on temples, forehead, nose and chest

      • Mint oil like eucalyptus or spearmint- support fresh oxygen to the brain
      • Rosemary oil-  has been shown statistically to improve memory, and enhance the conversion of short term memories into long term memories. 
      • “focus” blend by doterra


          Transcranial magnetic stimulation. The leading world of research to help improve cognition, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and even improve mood. Check out

          Doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku games, jigsaw puzzles and other games that rely on logic, math, word and visuospatial skills are also great. 

          If you want to keep your brain engaged, listening to or playing music is a great tool. Classical music has been shown for years to improve blood flow to brain and concentration. Start with Beethoven or Mozart! Good for all ages, even babies.


          Exercises can keep your brain sharp. It increases blood flow to your heart and brain. Brisk walking- as simple as that for 5-10 minutes can enhance cognition. Try yoga, tai-chi, dancing, aerobic exercises, weight training... 

          These are my favourite yoga poses for brain health:

          • Downward facing dog- increases blood flow to brain 
          • Pranayama technique- 
          • Shoulder stand- increases blood flow to brain
          • Tree pose- requires complete stillness and focus to maintain balance- enhances concentration
          • Lotus pose- meditation pose slow the busy mind 
          • Savasana- “corpse pose” – lying flat helps to slow beta brain waves


            Hi, my name is Gina Galvez, MS, PA-C.  I am an integrative Physician assistant at the Akasha Center. 

            As a prior Professor of medicine and PA of Orthopedic Surgery in NYC, I am so passionate about changing the lives of my patients with chronic pain, fatigue, arthritis and sports injuries using regenerative medicine such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) to facilitate regrowth of cartilage, bone, skin cells and hair!


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