How to RESET your System after the Holidays Food Indulgence

It's that time of year again – the-after-the holidays time when some of us ask ourselves: "What was I thinking? Why did it eat that much, drink that much, party that much?

The holidays are one of these times when we flood our system with fatty, sugary foods that can lead to digestive issues, low immune function, and plenty of weight gain. In fact, the average American gains 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and the new year. So how do you REBOOT your gut to increase immunity after the holidays? Akasha Center's RESET Program is your answer

  1. It helps you start your day smart: Starting each day with a healthy balanced meal sets a good intention for the day. And if you eat something nourishing first thing in the morning, you're more likely to stay full, energized, and less prone to unhealthy snacking. I like to start the day with my vital meal shake with some seasonal berries and a big water glass with all our Greens complete. It's a balance of probiotics, prebiotics, and powerful nutrients designed to kick-start each day with health.

  2. Choose wisely your post-holiday cleaning regimen. That means watching your sugar and carb intake and paying close attention to what you drink. When I go out to eat, I like to start my night with a green salad or green juice before I go out to fill me up a little. It helps me make good choices when I'm out! 

  3. Avoid alcohol, sangria, punch, or other sugar-laced cocktails. Instead, if you don't want to be the only one not holding a drink, stick to something antioxidant-rich, like kombucha or club soda with lime. 

  4. Pace yourself. Eat slowly, and eat small portions. And make sure to wait 20 minutes after the first course (and drink a big glass of water). That way, your gut has time to tell your brain, "I'm full!" before you overeat.

  5. Help your gut out. This might be the most important of all – because here's the truth: you have likely indulged– at least a little - over the holidays. And that's fine. After all, fun with friends and family is a fantastic way to lift your spirit.

But after a post-holiday food indulgence, it's essential to give your digestive system plenty of support. And that means taking 3 essential supplements together with your Vital Meal

  • A probiotic, like FLORA PLUS: This helps populate your gut with beneficial bacteria to aid digestion, reduce discomfort and bloating - and keep your energy levels high. Look for a probiotic with plenty of CFUs of live, active cultures – the more, the better! And make sure you're taking in a variety of strains – each has a slightly different function. 
  • A digestive enzyme, like Digestazyme. This is key for helping your body break down food efficiently, so you absorb the most nutrients possible from your food. Your body makes a certain number of enzymes on its own, but adding more to the mix really helps keep your digestion efficient and comfortable.
  • Help your liver perform better: the liver is THE organ considered the king of detoxing. It employs two phases of detoxification to help us- along with the kidney - get rid of the byproducts (the leftover) of metabolism. Our Liver Detox gives it a boost allowing this amazing organ to go the extra detox mile. 
  • Get moving – It's easy to decide that winter is a time to hibernate. When it's chilly outside, it can be tough to stay motivated to exercise. But exercise is critical for helping ease digestion… and it's a great way to balance out those heavy metals. 

 And here's the great news: You don't have to train for a marathon to enjoy the health benefits of exercise. Shovel snow, or enjoy a family snowball fight. Take the dog for a run or Take a couple of extra laps around your neighborhood. 

BUT don't forget to employ physical distancing. Just make it a point to get moving for at least 20 minutes a day (preferably more), all season long!


Oh, and one other thing: enjoy your DETOX. It will do your BODY GOOD! 

By Dr. de Mello

Dr. Edison de Mello is the Founder and Chief Medical officer of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine   
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