• Rainbow Inspiration - Why the rainbow diet is so healthy.

    Rainbow Inspiration - Why the rainbow diet is so healthy.

    The more colors we have in our lives, the more balanced we will feel.  I am sure you have heard about the “rainbow diet”. This is a great way to add lots of colors and different nutrients to your bodies every day.  We can use colors to activate the 7 main chakras as we allow our body systems to move, get energized and balance...
  • Green Powders: Why use them?

    Green Powders: Why use them?

    by Dr. Edison de Mello We all know that that the more greens we eat, the less likely we are to develop chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. However, sadly most Americans do not eat nearly enough nutrient-packed dark-green vegetables – and thus cannot take advantage of their rich health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation, enhancing detoxification, and maintaining an optimal acid-base...
  • Reduce Bloating & Gas

    Reduce Bloating & Gas

    If you are having bloating & gas, you are not alone One of my most significant and rewarding accomplishments as a physician has been to help patients who suffer from bloating to get their lives back, by helping them feel healthy, vital, and sexy again.
  • Causes of Abdominal Bloating

    Causes of Abdominal Bloating

    Fasten your seat belts because you are about to learn more about abdominal bloating, pooping, and farting than you ever would have imagined. Maybe more than you thought you wanted to know. 
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